What is... this?

We're not lawyers, but we're pretty sure you legally need to have an "About Us" page. Consider this... that.  

Why did Bandit get started?

We felt there needed to be a running sock brand that prioritizes fashion at the same level of function. We care about style, so we took it upon ourselves to develop products that resonate with people like you.

How did you make the socks?

It wasn't easy. Over the course of several months, we obsessively researched and learned everything there is to know about performance running socks. Once we understood the direction we wanted to go in functionally, we contracted a few experienced manufacturers to custom create dozens of prototypes.  Throughout the testing process (read: we ran them into the ground), one clear winner emerged. The sock we have today can go up against any other sock on the market. 

What makes them "performance" socks?

There's more to these things than meets the eye...  First and foremost, they're antimicrobial, sweat-wicking, and quick drying. This means that bacteria won't build up, the fabric will displace any sweat it comes into contact with, and if you go through a puddle - you'll be back to dry in no time. Secondly, we added support cushion targeted in all the right areas. This generates a snug, comfortable, and secure feeling inside the shoe. Next, over the top of the foot is a mesh pattern that promotes airflow and ultimately, a cooling sensation. Lastly, the compression level is... *chef's kiss*. Not too tight, but not loose, either. It's going to stay in place your entire run. We've been told the socks are great if you have shinsplints... Ya love to hear it.

Have the socks really been put to the test?

We're glad you asked. Since our debut in October 2020, Bandit Socks have been on the feet of everyone from elite ultra runners and marathoners to Olympic Trial Qualifying mid and sprint distance runners. (They've also been on the feet of people brand new and we're very down with that, too.) Some notable races and performances include:

  • First Place at Vegas Jackpot 24 Hour Ultra
  • First Place at the Aravaipa Running Elevation Challenge
  • First Place at the Strider BQ Marathon
  • Finishers at MOAB 240, Bigfoot 200, Cocodona 250, Coldwater 100
  • Fastest Known Time: Manhattan Loop
  • Fastest Known Time: Williamsburg Bridge

Who is Bandit for?

Bandit is for everyone who runs, regardless of pace or distance. Plain and simple. Next question.

What is Bandit's mission?

We're here to do two things...

First, we want to change the sock game for good. Go into any running store and you'll find a random wall or display turnstile of some pretty goofy looking socks. That ain't it! Socks deserve better and you deserve better. When you wear Bandit socks, we want you to feel like the dope human you truly are.

Second, along the way, we're committed to building a brand that is a vocal ally for positive change and necessary reform. We want to leave this world a better place and be a brand that you can be proud to represent.

What are your values?

Bandit has been a value-driven brand since day one. Our three core values are community, endurance, and resilience. Let's talk about it...

Nothing is more important to us than the running community. We're real people behind this brand, with real feelings, and real care for others. We own the responsibility we now have to contribute to a running community that is inclusive and safe for everyone. Period.

As an initial contribution, 5% of all Bandit sales go directly to "Back on My Feet" (NYC), an incredible organization that combats homelessness through the power of running, community, and housing and employment resources.

Starting is easy. Going the distance... not so much. But, it's not supppposed to be easy. Nothing good does, and internally here at Bandit, we're mentally prepared for the long-haul. This mentality also translates into how we think about the quality of our products. We refuse to sell anything that won't stand the test of time. 

Fact is, we embrace challenges. We view them as opportunities to strengthen our resolve and become more resilient humans. Whether it's starting a brand or simply navigating the hurdles of everyday life, problems can come at you fast. It's how we react to these moments that defines us.

Where is Bandit based? 

We're proud to call Brooklyn our home. We wouldn't be where we are today without the support from runners and communities throughout the 5 boroughs. Special shoutout to all of our homies at Brooklyn Track Club, Goldfinger Track Club, Dashing Whippets, Central Park Track Club, The Distance Project, Define Run Club, North Brooklyn Runners, and more.